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"Every child has the right to an adventure. Life is about grabbing opportunities. The prizes don’t always go to the biggest, the best and the strongest – they go to those who persevere. These are simple life lessons that Scouting teaches."

Bear Grills - Chief Scout

The 89th Reading (Milestone Wood) Scout Group is well-known and respected in the local Emmer Green and Caversham Park communities. Generations of boys and girls have enjoyed Scouting with the 89th. Many liked it so much that they have returned to become leaders and volunteers.  


The group originally met in Milestone Wood (where Caversham Park is now) and moved to the current site off Kiln Rd in the 1970s. The Milestone we are named after moved with us and now has pride of place in our parade area, next to our flagpole!

Scouting is about meeting new friends, sharing adventures and making the most of life's opportunities. We make it as easy and safe as possible for our young people to push the boundaries of their experience and enjoy challenging adventures. 

Roy Gordon.jpg
Roy Gordon

Chairman, 89th Group Executive

Robin Kent

89th Group Scout Leader

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