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a local activity centre for reading


The landscaped grounds at the 89th provide a campsite for about 30 pitches and a tiered fire circle that seats up to 150 attendees.

The building has a full fire alarm system, toilets, showers and kitchen facilities, making it suitable for overnight stays.


There are also outdoor cooking, dining and washing areas, as well as space for games and activities, such as pioneering and pond-dipping (equipment available for hire).

location & amenities

The site is easily accessible and only 15 minutes from Reading town centre. There are shops within walking distance and we have Clayfield Copse, a designated nature reserve, on our doorstep.


There are acres of woodland, wide open spaces, miles of trails - including a Sculpture Trail - and a wild flower meadow to explore. The area is ideal for everything from a walk to a hike, with plenty of room for wide games, Frisbee and geocaching (GPS rental is available).


There is a Low Ropes Course with Zip Line, an Obstacle Course, a Peg Wall, a Bouldering Wall and a 5-metre Climbing Wall incorporating a Crate Stacker and Leap of Faith, that offer a range of challenges for all ages and abilities.

the mine

Chalk mining, dating back to the 1600s, has left a vast cavern system 21.5 metres (70ft) under the 89th grounds.  


The entrance has been built to exacting standards and enables mine exploration activities to be safely organised for participants (aged 10½ and above) of all abilities.


Allow about two hours to enter via a belay system, explore the mine complex, and exit by climbing up the ladder inside the mine shaft. 

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