Autumn/Winter 2018 Events

All the dates for your calendar!

20th/21st : Beavers Sleepover with circus skills theme
19th/21st : Jamboree on the Air & Internet (Weekend event for the Scout groups)
20th – 28th : Half Term
31st : Beavers Halloween Party (Both colonies meet on Wednesday)


11th : Remembrance Sunday Service & Parade If there is one date to remember it is this one! Particularly as this year is the First World War centenary
14th : Toronto Beavers trip to Fire Station
25th : Beaver joint trip to Winchester Museum (TBC)


14th : Christmas Post Sorting Evening 15th/16th Christmas Post delivery weekend This is our biggest fundraiser event with more information on the next page about how to get involved.
19th : Christingle at St. Barnabas Church
For all from 89th Reading.

Christmas Post

We will be delivering cards across Caversham, Caversham Heights, Caversham Park Village, and Emmer Green.


We are unable to deliver south of Caversham or Reading Bridges or to Kidmore End, Tokers Green or Sonning Common.

This is one of the biggest fundraisers for 89th Scouts, so please try and use our service!

Cards will be picked up from Friday 23rd November until Thursday 13th December from all across Caversham and Emmer green. 

Keep an eye out for the special postboxes!

.. Is Coming Soon!