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International Peace Light Arrives at 89th Reading

“We gladly receive the light as a sign of our willingness to be channels of peace, by our words and actions"

The International Peace Light is passed throughout the world by Scouts having been  lit from the Grotto of the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem.

For over 25 years the light was distributed throughout Berkshire and well beyond by Margaret Ellison, RIP, who was a faithful ambassador for this precious flame and its message.  This year the flame was collected by Rev. Pam Gordon and distributed from the 89th Reading Scout HQ to local churches and Scout Groups in the Reading and Henley areas.

The 89th Reading will parade the light into a darkened St Barnabas Church, Emmer Green, at the start of their Scouts Carol Service on Tuesday 19th December.

You can read about this precious flame and its message:

If your Group or local Church would like to receive the International Peace Light next year please register now:

Pictures: 89th Reading GSL, Robin Kent, receives the International Peace Light from Rev. Pam Gordon.


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